Jose M. Martinez also practices family law. He can help you handle any family issues including divorce, adoption, guardianship, child custody, and marital property.

He will assist you to negotiate a fair settlement, protect kids from a high-conflict divorce, and save tens of thousands in attorney fees.



Without Jose M. Martinez as your criminal defense attorney, your liberty is at risk. You should act fast and act decisively.

Don't wait to take action -- It may save your freedom. Jose M. Martinez has time and again defended the accused to a successful result.


Moving to the United States of America is possible with the help of Jose M. Martinez' experience in immigration law.

Jose M. Martinez knows how difficult it is to deal with immigration authorities. He can help you obtain a visa, legal permanent residence, or U.S. citizenship. He can also help you with deportation defense.


Jose M. Martinez can assist you with auto accidents and all personal injury, including death cases. He has successfully settled hundreds of cases. He has also represented plaintiffs sucessfully in many lawsuits.

He is available to help you in dealing with insurance companies, with obtaining rental vehicles, receiving medical attention, and winning your case!